Army Ornithological Society Expedition to Ascension Island 2015

Tour Leader / Bird Guide
Field Notes - Birding Journal 1994 - present

Rich Mooney is owner/operator and lead guide at Summit to Seashore Birding Adventures and was born in England in 1966. From an early age it was clear that birds would be a lifelong passion. What started as a childhood interest in the natural world, quickly grew into a thirst for avian knowledge. Birds have taken him across the world to places such as Gambia, Russia, France, Greece, Spain, Scotland, Wales and various places in England. Though he has spent most of his years in the UK, Rich has also lived for many years in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada with North American birds becoming somewhat of an obsession. While living in Canada, Rich also explored parts of the USA including Texas, Washington, Oregon, California and many parts of British Columbia.

In August 2011 Rich moved back to the UK and has spent the last 4 years birding in England, Scotland and Wales, reconnecting with the British avifauna. Over the last year (2015) Summit to Seashore Birding Adventures began to evolve. The year started with an amazing trip to Ascension Island where Rich joined the Army Ornithological Society on an expedition to monitor the breeding status of the island's birds. This amazing experience really kick-started and inspired Rich to get Summit to Seashore off the ground.

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