Monday, March 17, 2014

Great Spotted Cuckoo

There are certain species that simply set your pulses racing! Of course, its all relative, but this species did it for me. Admittedly, I didn't think I was 'actually' going to go for it, as it was in south-west Wales! I just wanted to. It was found on Tuesday 11th and by Saturday the 15th I decided (i got the green light from a very kind and understanding wife) to go for it. This great news was unfortunately interrupted by the fact that the latest update stated it had flown across the ocean and was gone. This actually felt relieving, as I could stop thinking about it. This was short lived; early evening the bird was back at the original site. I was going.

A 4:30 am departure put us on site (ssw ofTenby) at 8:30 am; and by 8:39 am I was looking at my lifer GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO!! While there the bird spent most of its time on the ground, foraging in the bracken and successfully locating caterpillars. At the same time the local Meadow Pipits made this intruder feel less than welcome. A worthy twitch for a fantastic bird....

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