Monday, February 10, 2014

Red-flanked Bluetail

Had an amazing start to the weekend with a cracking Red-flanked Bluetail in Gloucester. This individual had been found earlier in the week but I wasn't able to try for it until Friday. I packed my scope and bins and took them with me to work; 12:30 soon came and I was on the M4 heading west. 2 1/2 hours later I was slipping on my wellies and heading for the bird!

There were birders walking back to their cars, triumphant and casual as I clumsily panted my way up the hill. There claims of 'no need to run mate, its showing well' were ignored as the only time I was going to slow down was when I connected with this bucket list bird. To be fair, they were right. As soon as I arrived I immediately 'got on the bird', and started to adjust my heart rate. 

This individual was moving in between two trees, occasionally dropping to the floor to collect meal-worms left by some birders. The drive and effort was well worth it! That is more than can be said for the gong-show on Saturday. I clocked up 400 miles target birding in Norfolk. Two hours walking sand dunes in Great Yarmouth for Shorelark - dipped. 1 1 /2 hours south of Holt waiting for Parrot Crossbill - nothing. Forty minutes in brutal wind looking for Richard's Pipit on the coast - drum roll......nope. Good job Friday was success!

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