Sunday, August 4, 2013

Long-billed Dowitcher

Twitched the Long-billed Dowitcher on Saturday that had been reported by Rare Bird Alert and Birdguides. Location: Pennington Marshes, Hampshire. This North American rarity was initially recorded as a 'dowitcher sp' as this species is very similar to Short-billed Dowitcher. There names are not really a good indicator of identification as there is much overlap in bill length. I am not sure who finally made the call on the identification but they were correct.

The bird was missing in action when I arrived at 07:15 am and it took about 30 minutes to locate it but, luckily, I did. The bird was originally tucked in with some Black-tailed Godwit. It then spent some time feeding tight to the reeds, associating with three Snipe. It was difficult to get any decent photos because of the distance and it constantly feeding. However, I snapped a few record shots through my scope with my iPhone. The bird eventually moved out into the open for a while, slept for a while then flew to the other side of the estuary, calling...kik..kik..kik..kik...kik and clinching the id for sure. Cracking bird!

En-route back to the car I did a little iscoping (photographing with an iPhone through a scope). I am really enjoying this style of photographing birds and have invested in the Kowa TSN-IP5 from Cley Spy in Norfolk. I will post a blog on this system soon. 


Grey Heron

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