Sunday, April 21, 2013


Put a few hours into Pulborough Brooks RSPB Reserve this morning. My hope was to finally connect with the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker that 'apparently' drums in the morning on the heath. Last time I got down at 07:10 am and missed it, though it was seen and heard from 06:30 am to 07:00 am. Today I got on site at 06:25 am and waited until 08:00 am. Nothing. Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker only. Five attempts for this bird over the last few months. Going to walk away now and happen upon my own. 

The drumming snag (empty)
The reserve was beautiful this morning with the mist lifting to leave perfect blue skies. Birds of note:

1. Chiffchaff
2. Willow Warbler
3. Blackcap
4. Whitethroat
5. Sedge Warbler
6. Swallow
7. Nightingale (8) singing
8. Cuckoo (1)

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