Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Papercourt delights

Had a nice visit to my local patch this evening; being the first time  I've been able to use my new scope (arrived Monday). First bird to be viewed was....drum roll.......Starling. Could have waited for some 'cool' bird to come along but I opted for a perched Starling on a wire. Next on the scope tick list was Stonechat; which immediately reminded why I wanted this scope, and confirmed my decision. Happy birder. The evening was pleasantly mild and there was plenty to keep me occupied. There were approximately 100 House Martin snacking on bugs above the meadow including 2-3 Swallows. Next up was not one, but two Short-eared Owls! Both hunted out in front of me, though on the other side of the meadow for about twenty minutes. This gave me a great opportunity to test my scope at distance and in fading light. Absolutely thrilled with the results! A calling wader flying over snapped me away from my owl vi dual: GREEN SANDPIPER! New bird for my 'patch list' 2012....number 91. Two minutes later an adult male Peregrine came screaming through; making a b-line for a Woking Pigeon no doubt...

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