Friday, October 5, 2012


The benefits of finishing early on a Friday are that when a bird turns up close to home, I can go for it. This particular individual had been at the reservoir at Staines for the last week. So, I shot home, grabbed my scope, dropped my son off at his cousins, spotted a Red Kite flying over my brothers house, grabbed some food, sliced through Woking, cruised the M25 then TRAFFIC JAM!....40 minutes later (some road rage) I pulled over at Staines reservoir. As reported this juvenile Garganey was on the west side of the north basin. For the first 10 minutes it sat with its head tucked; only giving away its identity when it began to preen. Having said that, it gave out plenty of clues such as size, leg colour and striped head pattern. Eventually it took to the water and began bathing, giving me great looks until deciding to join some Shoveler on the east side of the reservoir. Great bird and about time! Thanks to Surrey Bird Club and Rare Bird Alert.

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