Sunday, October 30, 2011

Common Gull

After a wonderfull morning shopping at Morrison's ( insert sarcastic face), I headed out to my local patch for an hour. At Papercourt Lake there was a nice surprise for me: Common Gull! This individual was mixed in with some Black-headed Gulls, though they didn't seem to be too friendly; the BLHGU occasionally flying up and stooping at this bird. After a few minutes the COMGU flew around the lake and settled away from the bullying. New patch bird for me!

I then took a drive down Tannery Lane to the river. Here there were a few more thrushes around with a group of 5 Mistle Thrush on the powerlines and Fieldfares and Redwings flying over. I did manage one stringy shot of a Fieldfare but hope to get better looks this winter. Other species of interest were; Little Owl, Kestrel, Siskin, Stonechat and Great Spotted Woodpecker.


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