Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hobby at Boldermere Lake

Hobby hawking dragonflies
On my first visit to Boldermere lake I made the mistake of turning right and walking along the A3 side to find an access point. Not a good idea. Today I turned left and was glad I did, as I found a great vantage point to see the whole lake. On arrival, however, I was stuck at the small opening nearest the road, as I immediately spotted a Hobby above and didn't want to move. I say Hobby, in fact, there were FOUR hobbies; hawking dragonflies over the water! I gave up trying to photograph (got one shot shown above) them and just enjoyed the aerial onslaught. Its amazing, just six weeks ago I was standing next to a lake on Vancouver Island; watching Merlin do exactly the same thing. Today there were two adults and two juveniles. During a lull in their high-speed sorties, I hoofed it around to an open area, spotting a fly-over Peregrine Falcon at the same time.
Boldermere Lake

A great start to my vigil and though it was hard not to watch, there were periods when all would disappear or would circle above the trees. It was then that I could relax and scan the lake for grebes and ducks. Coot made up the bulk of the water birds: 171 individuals; some with young of varying ages. These weren't the only birds with young; there was a pair of Mute Swan with six cygnets and Great-crested Grebe with young. Bird of the day has to be Hobby, though getting my first pair of Wigeon for the year was nice. The male showing his beautiful and rich eclipse plumage.
  • Mute Swan - 2 + 6 cygnets
  • Tufted Duck - 8
  • Mallard - 10
  • Pochard - 1 
  • Grey Heron - 1
  • Moorhen - 3
  • Coot - 171
  • Great-crested Grebe - 3
  • Peregrine Falcon - 1
  • Wigeon - 2
  • Common Buzzed - 1
  • Hobby - 4
  • Treecreeper - 2
  • Jackdaw - 2
  • Carrion Crow - 2
  • Wood Pigeon - 8

*Note: Someone give me the official spelling of this site! I have seen it spelled: Bouldermere, Boldermere and Bolder Mere! Until I am informed otherwise I shall leave it as it is.

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  1. Well the map says Bolder Mere but I always remember it as Boldermere. The hobbies have been putting on quite a show haven't they. I think I saw only 3 on the Thursday last week but one was joined by a sparrowhawk at one stage. Some photos here: