Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye Vancouver Island...

It was great to squeeze in one more birding morning with my good pal Jon Carter before heading back to blighty. Jon and Jenny came up from Victoria on business and combined this with a visit. While Jon and I sneaked off to Holden Creek, Lori and Jenny took a nice walk along Jack Point. Holden was very unbirdy for shorebirds, with Least Sandpiper and Killdeer being the only representatives. We did get a single Peregrine Falcon, two Osprey and a Red-tailed Hawk AND lots of mosquito bites. 

Packing up our scopes we headed out to Jack Point to meet up with the girls. We then headed to the Crow and Gate pub in Cedar for a nice meal. Thanks for a great day Jon and Jenny and look forward to meeting up with you SOON....Blighty here we come! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in British Columbia and will leave with many wonderful post will be from Woking, Surrrey, ENGLAND.

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