Monday, April 25, 2011

First book review by Julia and Mickey Avenell - Austrailia

Richard Mooney’s Field Notes, A Birder’s Journey to the Pacific Northwest, is an inspiring memoir and fascinating record of a birder’s life and work in the region. It follows his journey from an inquisitive youngster into a life-long pursuit for the knowledge of birds. His achievements in worldwide banding and conservation are now a testimony to the integrity of his work and passion for ornithology.

Richard has faithfully and thoroughly documented his avian adventures with detailed species lists and photographs, which makes Field Notes a valuable reference for birders anywhere.

Anyone with an interest in wildlife will know the joy in “spotting a lifer”  (seeing a new species for the first time in your life, that is) and will share the same excitement when reading Field Notes, A Birder’s Journey to the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Nice one Rich! You are now a bone fide, internationally acclaimed author... see you on Saturday!