Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mount Washington

Sooty Grouse
As our kids were looking a little bored and Emily had never seen a Gray Jay we decided to head up to Mount Washington and do a little hike around the boardwalk trail that surrounds Paradise Meadows. The weather was a little drizzly but cleared enough for us to enjoy our walk. On the side road just before the parking lot we spotted three Sooty Grouse on the grass verge next to the road. We watched them for a while before moving on. The route around the meadows was quiet and at times we had the place to ourselves. The Gray Jays made an appearance within a short time and both Emily and Nolan were captivated as a family group fed from their hands. Further along we got a nice view of a Northern Harrier floating across the fields and at about the halfway point we heard Sandhill Cranes though we didn't see them. When I got home I checked the bird alert to see that someone had seen 3 cranes the day before.