Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eastern Phoebe

At approximately 12:40pm today I received a phone call from Donna Monty informing me that an Eastern Phoebe was just reported down the road from our home in Parksville. I jumped in the car and was down there in minutes. I met with Jamie Fenneman who found the bird. We spent a few minutes looking for it but came up empty handed? Jamie was working and had to leave and just as he was going I re-spotted the bird at the back of a clear-cut, six feet up in a maple tree. I managed to get one record shot (above) as the bird was busy flying from one side of the clear-cut to the other, perching on snags and flycatching. This  is the first I have seen on Vancouver Island, which is not surprising as there are only three other records! Nice find Jamie!

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