Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eastern Phoebe

At approximately 12:40pm today I received a phone call from Donna Monty informing me that an Eastern Phoebe was just reported down the road from our home in Parksville. I jumped in the car and was down there in minutes. I met with Jamie Fenneman who found the bird. We spent a few minutes looking for it but came up empty handed? Jamie was working and had to leave and just as he was going I re-spotted the bird at the back of a clear-cut, six feet up in a maple tree. I managed to get one record shot (above) as the bird was busy flying from one side of the clear-cut to the other, perching on snags and flycatching. This  is the first I have seen on Vancouver Island, which is not surprising as there are only three other records! Nice find Jamie!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brant Festival Big Day Challenge 2010 - The Big Sit

Today we went head to head with another great birding team in the 'Big Sit' category for The Brant Festival Big Day Challenge. After a ten hour vigil both teams ended up with 84 species each. The judges decided to award The Big Sitters the Big Sit award and we, The Broken Wings, were awarded most species seen by a 'green team'.  BIG SITTERS: Nathan Hentze, Angie Gignac, Jamie Fenneman. THE BROKEN WINGS: Bernard Schroeder, Rich Mooney and Guy Monty.
Nathan, Angie, Jamie, Bernard, Rich and Guy