Sunday, January 13, 2008

American Tree Sparrow

It's a funny old game ,this birding lark.Today at the Nanaimo River Estuary I spent some time poking around  the bushes and walking some of the grassland. The odd Western Meadowlark would put in an appearance  and  finches and sparrows darted through the hedgerows. There was probably 2-3 Short Eared Owls around though I was only seeing single sightings. A Northern Harrier kept me entertained while I pondered my next move? I decided to walk the hedgerows again as I was in need of a good sparrow.
I was in luck, there was a group of 9 American Tee Sparrows  feeding in the grasses and occasionally flying into a small tree. I was absolutley thilled to see these cool northern special specialties. While I was observing and attempting to get a digi-shot with my Avian scope (basically a large beer bottle) a photographer( not really, but he did have a BIG frickin camera:) approached me and we started chatting. He was asking about "the owls". Hmmm, I thought, well, I said; "Yep Iv'e seen them around today". I pointed out that there were at least 9 AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS in front of him! "Nah, boring", he said.
Enough said.

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