Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tufted Duck

On Saturday 3rd February 2007 Lori and I headed south for the Tufted Duck. After a quick stop at Parksville Park we hit the road. Our trip took us to Kings Pond, Swan Lake, Elk Lake,Islands View Beach, Clover Point,Oak Bay and Peterson Road, Parksville....It was a great day with some nice surprises. Species of interest listed below:
Parksville Park:
Snow Goose-1
Cackling Goose-1
Kings Pond:
TUFTED DUCK (the bird at the back)
Swan Lake:
Lincoln's Sparrow-2
Marsh Wren-2
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-1
Cedar Waxwing-7
Yellow-rumped Warbler-2
Anna's Hummingbird-1 (female)
Elk Lake:
Canvasback-40ish (mostly males)
Redhead-1 (male) mixed in with the Canvasback
Clover Point:
Sanderling 11 (Oak Bay)
Great Horned Owl-1 (on wire)
Peterson Road, Parksville:
Northern Saw-Whet Owl-1