Saturday, October 21, 2006

Yellow-billed Loon

Just for fun the family decided to get together, get out in the cold and see some birds. Our day started at silly o’clock, Tim Hortons, Parksville! After our injection of caffeine we hit the road. First stop was on Peterson Road, Parksville where we picked up Great Horned Owl for ‘first bird of the day’. Guy heard a distant Northern Saw-whet Owl but the rest of us dipped. So, blasting over to Dumont Gravel pit we picked another up, this time we all heard it!
We basically covered all points from South Nanaimo to The Little Qualicum Estuary. We got good looks at Northern Shrike, a beautiful male American Kestrel, a frustrating woodpecker that finally showed its colors;

Red-breasted Sapsucker. A Northern-pygmy Owl mobbed by an Anna’s Hummingbird and a SWEET lifer for me: YELLOW-BILLED LOON!! We finished our day around 17:30, went home and collapsed. A great day with a great team! Thanks Nolan for being so good. It's pretty tough being six years old and surrounded by a family of birders!